Biography: William A. Shields

My interest in photography began more that four decades ago while completing a journalism degree with an elective course entitled “Photojournalism”. The course taught me that the camera is only a tool to help me better see what I’m looking at. I believe that is the basis for all great photography: creatively recording and interpreting what is in the mind’s eye.

I feel privileged to have earned a living using photography to produce advertising for clients in more than a dozen industries, and never lost enthusiasm for the medium as a hobby and now a fine art business.

I have traveled extensively, cameras, lenses and tripods in hand, to more than a two dozen countries and hope to share some of my experiences and interpretations with you through my images.

If you wish to order prints, digital files or matted and framed photos, please contact me using the information below.

Tel: 562.433.0008


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